Clinical Research Staff

Clinical Research Staff

If a physician wishes to be granted thought leader status, they need a thought leader crew .... PRS, LLC owner.

This quote is as true as our founder's thoughts concerning participating in Clinical Research Study Protocols.  Pharmaceutical Companies know the challenges of taking the concept of a product or device into the hands of the general public's trust.  They do this by on-boarding a Clinical Research Organization to manage the finite details of this process ... why shouldn't you?

Pharmaceutical Research Services, LLC (PRS) is your go-to Clinical Research team that works in tandem with your current medical clinic's staff to ensure that your project is in line with your contractual obligations to meet your enrollment criteria, while ensuring patient safety!  

Pharmaceutical Research Services, LLC (PRS) uses only Certified, Compliant, Licensed staff so you can rest easy knowing that your Clinical Research Study Trial is in good hands.  Our costs are based on the intricate nature of the Clinical Research Study Protocol assigned to you, which makes the overall out of pocket expense of hiring a full time employee to manage the details of your award negligible.  

So, if you are currently paying a fulltime employee, using your already overburdened staff; hoping that they are current concerning the sea of ever changing global regulatory changes that effect how you do business in your home town, don't know where you will find time to perform the specific tasks that you are contractually obligated to do, within a pre-set timed visit schedule ... then you are definitely missing out on the low cost to no cost* services that Pharmaceutical Research Services, LLC (PRS) has to offer.

*Low or no costs are dependent on the Clinical Research Trial Budget assigned to you once the Principal Investigator has signed off on the Clinical Trial Agreement.  Both signed and approved documents need to be reviewed prior to assigning a PRS Certified Clinical Research Coordinator to your site