Clinical Trial Study Budget Assistance

Clinical Trial Study Budget Assistance

Pharmaceutical Research Services, LLC (PRS) has years of hands-on experience working with Clinical Research Trial Agreements and their Clinical Study Budgets, we procure the best overall price for the services that you, your medical private practice clinic, your Clinical Research Study staff and the various external use vendors are billing you for.

All of the Pharmaceutical Research Services, LLC (PRS) internal executive staff members have hands-on experience working Clinical Research Studies, so we are aware of the missed budgetary items!  

Why be caught in the middle of a full fledged Clinical Research Study Protocol to find out that some procedure you are contracted to perform was under budgeted or worse not budgeted at all?

We offer a full line item by line item review of your Clinical Trial Study Budget to make sure you are being paid the Fair Market Value for the Clinical Research Services that you are performing!

* Please note that most of our costs can be passed-thru directly to the Pharmaceutical Sponsor or Clinical Research Organization managing the Clinical Research Study.  Call us and see how we can reduce your overall costs for our services, while negotiating for all the services you are obligated to perform.

We offer special rates if you use our exclusive Study Brokerage Services!